Sky247's Terms and Conditions: User Agreement

Before navigating through the vast offerings of Sky247, it"s imperative to acquaint yourself with the terms that underpin your usage.

Taking a moment to delve into these conditions is crucial. Because the moment you create an account with Sky247, you are entering a legally binding agreement. This pact is not just with the digital entity but with the diligent team behind it. Should there be any tweaks or updates to these terms, it's always a good practice to stay informed and abreast of the changes.

Connecting with Sky247

For a platform as dynamic as Sky247, communication remains pivotal. At Sky247, we value the sanctity of formal communication. Any correspondence will be exclusively through the email ID registered during the account creation process.

Updates to Our Terms

In our pursuit of excellence, Sky247 might periodically fine-tune its terms, including the referenced documents. For minor tweaks, heads-up may be optional.

However, for significant revisions, rest assured, we will keep you in the loop and might even seek your renewed consent before any changes come into play. If any proposed alteration doesn't sit well with you, you're advised to disengage from our services right away. The subsequent segment covers termination in such scenarios.

1. Upholding Your End of the Bargain

Your responsibilities:

At the outset, confirm you're above 18 or have crossed the age of majority as per your jurisdiction"s law. This ensures you're legally capable of entering an agreement with Sky247.

The onus is on you to ensure you're accessing our platform from a region where betting via our service is legal. If uncertain, it's recommended to consult local legal experts.

Every monetary transaction you make should come from legitimate sources, and you should have authority over the payment methods used.

Ensure your bets don't ensnare you in any conflicts of interest, be they apparent, potential, or even just perceived.

Your actions on Sky247 should always uphold the integrity of our platform. Manipulative tactics, misuse, or acts that compromise the platform's authenticity are strictly prohibited.

Any information you leverage while placing bets should respect the legal guidelines of the country you're in at that time.

2. Registration Guidelines at Sky247

When you decide to make use of our services, it's imperative that you adhere to the following criteria during your registration process:

Sky247 prioritizes the integrity of its service. With this in mind, we retain the right to decline any registration application based on our judgment. We aren't obliged to specify the reason behind such decisions.

Prior to delving into what we offer, it's crucial that you fill out our registration form in its entirety and agree to the terms laid out. To verify your identity, you might be asked to provide certain documents.

By following these guidelines, you not only secure your personal interests but also contribute to the safety and reliability of Sky247. Let's work together to create a trustworthy digital experience.

3. Service Limitations and Restrictions

3.1. Unauthorized Activities:

Using our services is subject to the following limitations:

It's off-limits for anyone under 18 or those legally ineligible for contractual agreements.

Don't mine data such as usernames or email addresses from other users, spamming included.

Avoid actions that could hinder the service or disrupt other users.

Abstain from sharing unsolicited ads, promotional links, or any content leading to solicitation.

Any actions deemed as cheating, collusion, or dishonest gain will not be tolerated.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy

We respect your privacy. Information shared with us is protected under our Terms and Privacy Policy.

We ensure confidentiality unless legally obligated to disclose details to entities like regulators, police, financial institutions, etc., as specified in our Privacy Policy.

Upon registration, we'll store your data, retaining it for a minimum of five years post our professional relationship. Accepting our terms means consenting to your data's usage and storage as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

5. Management and maintenance of accounts

Your account operates using Indian Rupees (INR).

Credit is not provided for service usage.

For any violations of these terms, we can close or pause your account, potentially without prior notice, and refund your balance.

We hold the right to reject, limit, or cancel bets anytime, especially those perceived as deceitful.

If your account is suspended due to term breaches, your bets can be voided or cancelled.

6. Funding Your Account

You can fund your Account using the various methods provided on our Website, ensuring all transactions are in Indian Rupees (INR).

While we aren"t a bank, we rely on third-party payment processors for card transactions. Your funds will be credited only upon receiving a clearance from your card issuer. If there's no clearance, the deposit won't reflect in your account.

Your money will be stored in client accounts based on your selected currency.

We aren"t a bank, so any balances in your account won"t earn interest. Any interest that does accumulate in the client accounts is for us.

Deposits from illegitimate sources are prohibited.

7. Withdrawing Your Funds

You can withdraw from your account within the set transaction range: minimum of 1000 INR and a maximum of 700,000.00 INR.

For security, we might ask for identity proofs before processing withdrawals. We can also request such documentation anytime during our association.

Withdrawals should ideally revert to the original payment method. However, in some cases, with our discretion and after extra checks, we might allow an alternative withdrawal method.

Depending on urgency, we charge fees as follows:

  • Fast (under 6h): 0.5% fee.
  • Very Fast (under 3h): 1.0% fee.
  • Express (under 1h): 2% fee (availability may vary).

Each user gets one free withdrawal of each type weekly. Fast and Very Fast options are available daily from 7am to 10pm IST. Regular withdrawals take up to 24 hours.

8. Handling Payments

It"s on you to ensure all payments to us are done right. Reversing payments to evade genuine liabilities is unacceptable. If you cause any payment reversals, you'll be liable for any resulting losses and a €60 administration fee for each incident.

We might use third-party payment processors. Their terms are applicable unless they conflict with ours.

To curb illegal activities like money laundering, we monitor all transactions. Any suspicious activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

9. Addressing Errors

If our system or procedures falter, all bets become void. If you spot any errors, notify us immediately.

Any disruptions due to communication, system issues, bugs, viruses, etc., that affect service or payments will not hold us liable. In such scenarios, we can void affected games/bets and make necessary corrections.

In case of issues like system breakdowns or disconnections, all bets are null and void. If there"s a mistake in odds, charges, fees, payouts, or any system malfunction, we have the right to void bets and reclaim any incorrectly given amounts.

While we strive for accuracy, human or system errors can happen. If a bet is placed at incorrect odds or if an event's outcome is wrongly recorded, we reserve the right to adjust, cancel, or void bets. We can reclaim any overpayments or correct any mistakes in your account, even if it means you owe us.

10. General Betting Rules

If there's a contradiction between a sport-specific rule and a general rule, the general rule won't be applied.

Winners are determined on the event"s settlement date. We don't recognize decisions that are protested or overturned for betting purposes. For suspended events, outcomes will be based on our sport-specific wagering rules.

All displayed results are final after 72 hours. Within this period, we'll only correct results due to human or system errors, or if the source of the results made an error.

11. Communication & Notifications

Direct all communications and notices under these terms to

Unless specified differently, we will communicate or notify you either via our website or your registered email. The method is at our discretion.

All communications should be in English. When Sky247 isn't operating the service, ensure you communicate from and to the registered email on your account.

12. Underage Gambling

If there's suspicion or evidence that you're under 18 years of age (or below the legal age in your jurisdiction) when betting through our service, we'll freeze your account. We'll then look into the matter, determining if you were betting for someone underage. If you're found to be:

  1. Currently underage;
  2. Were underage during prior bets;
  3. Betting for someone underage;

If you're legally an adult but betting in a jurisdiction with a higher legal age and you don't meet that requirement, this rule applies.

13. Policies to Counter Illegal Money Laundering and KYC

Sky247 is committed to preventing its services from being utilized for financial crimes, money laundering, and funding of terrorism.

Ensuring adherence to all applicable regulations not only safeguards the integrity and reputation of Sky247 but also protects the senior management and staff from legal implications.

To uphold these standards, Sky247:

  • Ensures all employees uphold their individual responsibilities related to their roles.
  • Places its commitment to anti-money laundering above all commercial interests.
  • Appoints a Money Laundering Reporting Officer/Nominated Officer (MLRO) and a backup officer, with the backup being the Director CEO. Both officers receive full cooperation from all staff members.

14. Links to Other Websites

Our Service contains links to third-party websites we don't operate or control. We provide these links for your convenience but don't verify or endorse them. We're not responsible for their content, accuracy, or policies. Always review the terms and privacy policies of new websites you visit.

15. Self-exclusion

Customers can self-exclude from by sending a written request with a photo and ID to using their Registered Email Address. Use this form: [Link to the self-exclusion form]

Self-exclusion can range from any time up to a lifetime but should be no less than 5 years.

16. Complaints

For concerns or questions regarding these terms, contact our Customer Service at However, our actions in response to complaints don't carry liability. Disputes should be raised within three days of the bet decision. Address complaints from your Registered Email Address. If disputes can't be resolved, they can be escalated as per our Complaints Procedure, and you may approach our licensing bodies.

17. Assignment

You may not independently assign these terms and conditions or rights to anyone else without our written consent. We may transfer our rights to third parties without your consent, provided they offer a similar quality of service.

18. Severability

If a term is found unenforceable, it will be modified to be enforceable without affecting the other terms' validity.

19. Breach of These Terms

If you breach these terms, we may suspend or terminate your account without prior notice. You'll be informed of any action taken.

20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by Curacao laws. Disputes will undergo arbitration in Curacao, with an arbitrator appointed by the company after mutual agreement.

21. General Provisions

These terms apply as long as you use Sky247 or are its customer. They will continue to apply even after account termination.

Singular words include plural and vice versa. Masculine words also mean feminine and neutral, and "persons" include various entities.

Any waiver on our part must be written and signed. Not enforcing a term doesn"t mean waiving it for future.

Headings are for reference and don't affect the terms interpretation. References to "these Terms" include the entire document and supplements.

By using our service, you confirm understanding and agreeing to these terms, waiving any future disputes against them.

Sky247 doesn"t operate everywhere due to governmental restrictions, including in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, etc.

These Terms are the full agreement between you and us, overriding any prior communications.

For sports betting disputes, email

For casino disputes, email

By proceeding, you acknowledge acceptance and agreement to these terms and conditions.