Basic Rules and Regulations at Sky247

This document and its provisions are an extension of the agreement between you and Sky247. All stipulations mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, along with associated definitions, extend to these guidelines.

Should any ambiguity or unforeseen situation arise, Sky247 retains the authority to assess and conclude outcomes on an individual basis.

At any given point, Sky247 might revise, modify, or enrich the prevailing Terms and Conditions.

Sky247 has the prerogative to deny individual account creations, wagering acceptances, or impose restrictions on wager counts, without mandatory disclosure of reasons.

User Accountability

It's essential for users to familiarize themselves with the governing rules and guidelines that pertain to any market they intend to place bets on.

Monitoring Unusual Activities

Sky247 vigilantly scrutinizes all activities and holds the discretion to nullify, discontinue, or halt bets and player accounts if they detect irregularities such as:

Frequent IP changes through VPN usage.

Operating multiple Sky247 accounts.

Unauthorized fund transfers, self-matching, courtsiding, and sharpening.

Engaging in abuse, rogue tactics, match manipulation, and unauthorized commission activities.

Partaking in syndicate betting or match fixing.

All decisions pertaining to these concerns are irrevocable and are not open for challenges.

Cases of non-compliance to third parties

Sky247 disclaims responsibility for any misrepresentations in bet details and results arising from erroneous transmission. Claims cannot be made based on inaccurate, delayed, or manipulated data transfer over the internet, or any external glitches such as tech malfunctions or connectivity issues.

Users are reminded to ascertain the authenticity of scores, live streams, and other event-related information displayed on the website before placing bets.

Identifiable errors and corrections

Sky247, in its absolute judgement, has the right to rectify noticeable mistakes and implement measures ensuring unbiased service to its patrons. Palpable errors can range from displaying wrong odds to incorrect event timelines.

In certain situations, Sky247 might deem bets void (at a fixed price of 1.00), even after an event has concluded. It is the onus of the users to ensure that their bets are placed accurately.

Bets placed exploiting delayed live feeds which provide an undue advantage might also be rendered void by Sky247.

Clients are expected to promptly report any erroneous credits to their accounts. Profits generated from such mistakes will be confiscated.

Addressing Betting Concerns

For clarifications or issues related to betting or Sky247's markets, users should reach out without delay.

In case of discontent with any betting decision, users should comprehensively present their grievances.

General Exchange Principles

Sky247 strives to seamlessly handle in-play markets, ensuring they are suspended at appropriate intervals. However, there's no absolute guarantee on market suspensions in real-time.

Customers are reminded to be vigilant about live broadcasts as they might experience delays. This could influence in-play betting decisions.

In circumstances where markets fail to suspend at the stipulated 'off' time, subsequent bets may be invalidated.

By adhering to these guidelines, both Sky247 and its users can foster a transparent and trustworthy environment, enabling seamless and enjoyable betting experiences.

Results and Market Settlement

Markets are settled based on Specific Sports Rules.

If Specific Sports Rules don't indicate settlement, it's based on the official outcome from the governing body.

If no official results are available, independent sources are used.

Markets may be resettled or reinstated based on new information up to 48 hours after the initial settlement.

Settlement can be suspended due to uncertainties until they can be reasonably resolved.


Markets are typically settled right after an event's conclusion.

Settlement may be changed if the official outcome differs.

Settlement can be reversed if settled in error.

Withdrawals and Disqualifications

Refer to Specific Sports Rules for details.

Abandonments, Cancellation, Postponements

If Specific Sports Rules don't address these issues, bets become invalid if events aren't completed within three days.

Change of Venue

Team sports: Bets are void if the venue changes to the home ground of the original away team.

Other sports: Bets stand regardless of venue change.

Surface change: Bets still stand.

Dead Heat

If more winners than expected, bets are reduced proportionally.

Sports rules for sports products at Sky247

1. Cricket

All bets void if no ball is bowled, unless a market has been unconditionally determined.

Matches shortened by weather are settled by the official result.

Super Over rule is specified.

2. Soccer

Definition of 'Material Event' is provided.

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) decisions and their effects on bets are explained.

Rules for match delays, abandonments, and friendly matches are laid out.

3. Tennis

If a player/pairing retires or is disqualified, bets are settled in favor of the opponent unless less than one set has been completed.

Bets stand regardless of venue changes.

Adjustments to match duration can void bets unless they're unconditionally determined.

4. Fancy Cricke

Here's a summarized breakdown of the rules:

Settlement of Bets: Once settled, bets aren't reversible, even if the match ends in a tie or is abandoned.

Validity of Advance Bets: These bets are only valid for full 20/50 over matches.

Suspension of Bets: All advance fancy bets are suspended 60 minutes before the match starts.

Incomplete vs. Complete Sessions: Incomplete session bets are cancelled, but completed ones are settled.

Match Cancellations: Even if a match is cancelled, as long as the session is completed, bets will be settled.

Injured Players: If a player retires due to injury after a ball is bowled, bets remain valid.

Technical Issues: The company is not liable for losses due to software glitches.

Connection Problems: Bets placed at incorrect prices due to power or internet issues might be voided.

Settlement Discrepancies: Decisions regarding incorrect market offerings are at the discretion of the Trading Team.

Suspicious Bets: Bets from or related to the stadium may be voided.

Prohibited Activities: Non-legitimate activities, such as fund passing or commission making, are banned.

Fluke Bets: Bets seeking random successes are reversed, and commentary isn't guaranteed to be accurate.

1st Inning Validity: Some markets are only valid for the first innings.

Market Value: Rules for when a market value surpasses or falls below a threshold.

Price Errors: Bets made at incorrect prices will be cancelled.

Responsibility: Users can't cancel bets; they should choose their bets wisely.

Dot Ball Rules: Specific rules that define what counts as a dot ball.

Bookmaker Rules: Comparisons of scores between teams in T20 and ODI matches.

Penalty Runs: Penalty runs don't count for bet settlements.

Suspicion of Cheating: Bets might be voided if cheating is suspected.

Ties in Scores: In comparisons, ties aren't considered; the second team must beat the first team's score.

Player Boundaries: Only direct hits from the bat count.

Bowler Run Session: Rules defining valid outcomes based on overs bowled.

Total Match Over ADV: Match completion determines the settlement.

Market Validity: Some markets are only valid for full matches.

Lottery Market: The last digit of the session total determines the winner.

Closed-Door Events: Bets can be voided if players take advantage of no spectators.

IPL Rules: Specific rules for the Indian Premier League, including averages for reduced or abandoned matches.

Session Odd-Even Rule: A session must complete for settlement.

5. Premium Cricket Betting Rules:

Bets adhere to official competition rules. No official result means all bets are void.

In T20/ODIs/Limited Overs, bets are void if less than 80% of scheduled overs are bowled due to external factors like bad weather. However, if the bet's outcome has been determined already, it stands.

A match cancellation requires a restart or replay within 48 hours, or all bets become void.

Match Betting:

Bets follow official rules, and ties have special considerations based on the competition format.

Matches affected by bad weather follow the official result.

Abandoned matches due to external factors render bets void, unless the competition rules dictate otherwise.

Match Betting (Draw No Bet):

Ties are treated as a dead heat.

No official result means all bets are void.

Tied Match:

In First Class matches, a tie is when the second batting side is bowled out with scores level.

Runs in First Over:

The first over's completion is crucial for bet validation. The Hundred competition has specific considerations for overs and innings.

Runs off First Delivery:

Focuses on the first ball of the match. The Hundred format affects how deliveries and overs are counted.

Most Fours/Sixes:

Considers the number of boundaries. There are specific criteria about when the bet is void due to incomplete overs. Only actual shots count, not extras or overthrows.

Most Extras:

Bets become void under certain conditions. Only legitimate extras count.

Match Run Outs:

Focuses on the number of run outs. Certain criteria must be met for the bet to be valid.

Match Ducks:

Focuses on the number of players out for zero runs. A duck is when a batsman scores no runs.

Match Wides:

Looks at the number of wide balls bowled. Only legitimate wides count towards the total.

Many of the points mention the criteria of at least 80% of the overs needing to be completed for the bet to stand. In First Class matches, a specific number of overs (200) is crucial for some bets. Certain types of runs or events in super overs often don't count towards the bets.

Understanding Premium Tennis and Soccer Betting Rules

When it comes to betting, understanding the intricacies of the rules is imperative for a successful experience. Here, we've broken down the fundamental guidelines for premium tennis and soccer betting, aiming to make it simpler and more comprehensive for players.

Premium Tennis Betting Rules

Match Interruptions: If a player defaults, retires, or there's a walkover, all pending bets are voided.

Delays: Whether due to rain or darkness, all bets remain unsettled until the match resumes.

Umpire Decisions: Bets will hold if penalty points are assigned during a game.

Incomplete Matches: Bets related to unfinished points/games are deemed void if a match concludes prematurely.

Erroneous Scores: We have the right to void any bet if an incorrect score significantly affects the odds.

Misrepresented Players/Teams: Betting can be voided if players or teams are inaccurately displayed.

Player Retirement: If a player withdraws mid-match, all unsettled bets are rendered void.

Tie-Breaks in Best of 3: In Bo3 matches, the deciding match tie-break is treated as the 3rd set. All tie-breaks count as a single game.

Premium Soccer Betting Insights

Format Anomalies: We can void any market if a match doesn't follow a standard format.

Rule Deviations: If a match's rules or structure differ from what's accepted, betting can be nullified.

Match Completion: Bets become void if a game isn't completed for reasons like disqualification, withdrawal, or changes in draws.

Regulatory Discretion: For matters not covered, we can make decisions based on fairness and individual circumstances.

In-Play Asian Handicap: For such bets, the scoreline is viewed as 0:0 when placing the bet.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): If VAR reveals that a settled bet was incorrect and the decision occurred before the match's end, the settlement can be reversed. Bets placed during a VAR review might be voided under certain conditions.

Language Discrepancies: Though these terms may be translated, the English version remains binding.

Regular 90-Minute Matches: Markets are based on 90-minute results, including injury or stoppage time, but not extra time or penalty shootouts.

Market Settlement and Cancellation: We can void bets for several reasons, such as incorrect red cards, wrong scores, or match interruptions.

Live Match Abandonments: Abandoned matches are typically voided, but some outcomes might still be recognized.

Booking Metrics: Yellow cards count as 1, whereas a red or yellow-red is considered as 2. Only cards shown during the 90 minutes count.

Booking Point System: Yellow cards earn 10 points and red/yellow-red ones 25 points. Again, only cards shown during the regular play count.

Corner Considerations: Only taken corners are counted.

Goal Scoring: Various rules apply to different types of goals, such as headers, freekicks, and own goals. The scoring type and the context decide the settlement of the bet.