SKY247 Official Website: Bet on the Best Sports

The SKY247 official website is a leading online sports betting platform, with a focus on providing a user-friendly experience. Here, we offer you bets on various sports, with a special focus on cricket. .

At SKY247 you can easily bet on all sports from local matches to international tournaments.


Types of bets

Different sports come with their own set of betting types and terminologies. Here are the most common ones.

Cricket Betting: A Dive Into The Options

Cricket, a sport that captivates millions worldwide, offers bettors a myriad of betting possibilities:

1. Fixed Bets

In fixed bets, punters can wager on diverse outcomes like:

  • Match-Winner: Predicting which team will clinch victory.
  • Away Over/Under: Anticipating the over or under score for the away team.
  • Home Run Over/Under: Estimating the over or under runs for the home team.

2. Fancy Bets

Fancy bets bring more specificity into the betting arena:

  • Match Winner (Back and Lay): Wagering on a team's victory or loss.
  • Away Fall of Wicket: Predicting the fall of wickets for the away team.
  • Home Runs: Speculating the runs scored by the home side.

3. Special Bets

For those wanting to delve deeper:

  • Test Series Winner: Who will reign supreme in a test series?
  • Correct Score: Can you pinpoint the exact score?

Soccer Betting

Soccer, the universal game, has its own exciting array of betting choices:

Bet TypeDescription
Outright Bets Foreseeing the outright winner of a competition or league.
1×2 Betting on three possible outcomes - home win, draw, or away win.
Correct Score Predicting the exact score at the end of a match.
Odd/Even Will the total number of goals be odd or even?
Total Goal Speculating the cumulative goals in a game.
Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT) Anticipating the results at both half-time and full-time.
First Goal/Last Goal Who scores first or last?
Mix Parlay A combination of multiple bets.

Additionally, there are the Over/Under bets and specific odds for combinations like Home/Home, Home/Draw, Home/Away, and more.

Exploring Other Sports Betting Avenues

Sports betting is vast and diverse, extending beyond just Cricket and Soccer:

1. Saba Soccer Betting: Punters can bet on Over/Under outcomes or even go for handicap bets.

2. Basketball: From outright winners to mix parlays, basketball offers a range of betting options.

3. Tennis: Mix parlays are also popular here, allowing for combined bets.

Further Afield:

Apart from the aforementioned sports, the betting universe also includes e-sports, baseball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball, ice hockey, rugby, finance, motorsports, football, muay thai, and a plethora of other options.

Exchange Betting:

This isn't restricted to a particular sport. Here, instead of betting against the bookmaker, you bet against other punters. The odds are determined by the market rather than a bookie.

Categories and sections that can be bet on

At SKY247, we have compiled the most popular betting categories for you, namely:

  • Asian Games
  • Sports
  • Virtual Sports
  • Number Game
  • Saba PinGoal
  • E-Sports
  • AdvantPlay
  • RNG Keno

Sports Betting Book

Sports Betting Book is a comprehensive guide on sports wagering, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

In our book you will find a wide range of different sports such as cricket, soccer, volleyball, tennis and many more.

Cricket SKY247 provides opportunities to bet on cricket matches worldwide. Whether it's Test, ODI, or T20 formats, users can explore diverse betting options.Understanding team formations, player statistics, and pitch conditions can optimize your betting strategy.
Kabaddi SKY247 embraces Kabaddi, highlighting major tournaments like Pro Kabaddi League. Beyond the excitement of raiding and tackling, users can delve into team rankings, player forms, and match predictions.
SKY247 Soccer Soccer betting at SKY247 covers leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League. With in-game betting, users can place wagers based on real-time match events, from goals scored to cards issued.
Basketball Betting on basketball with SKY247 spans from the NBA to the EuroLeague. Recognizing player performances, team dynamics, and seasonal trends can influence successful bets.
Tennis Grand Slams to ATP tournaments, tennis betting on SKY247 offers dynamic odds. Player rankings, surface preferences, and recent match results are key to informed betting.
SKY247 Badminton From the All England Open to the Thomas Cup, SKY247 highlights the speed and skill of badminton. Bettors can assess player head-to-head records, recent performances, and court conditions.
Boxing SKY247 showcases major boxing bouts, from welterweight to heavyweight clashes. Analyzing fighter profiles, training regimes, and past match outcomes can guide bettors.
Football With global football tournaments like the World Cup and domestic leagues, SKY247 offers comprehensive betting options. Team formations, player transfers, and injury reports are vital data for potential wagers.
SKY247 Live Betting SKY247 offers real-time betting on live streaming events. Users can place bets as events progress, with real-time odds and instant score updates.
Hockey Hockey, be it field or ice, is full of rapid action. At SKY247, users can tap into major leagues like the NHL or FIH tournaments. Factoring in team chemistry, penalty records, and goaltending statistics can be the difference in placing a winning bet.
Golf From the Masters to the Open Championship, golf betting on SKY247 offers a unique experience. The course layout, player form, and weather conditions play pivotal roles in determining outcomes. Knowledge about individual golfer strengths can be an asset for bettors.
Rugby From the Six Nations to the Rugby World Cup, the platform provides diverse betting avenues. Evaluating team formations, player stamina, and turf conditions can enhance betting decisions.
MMA Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen exponential growth, and SKY247 ensures fans can bet on major events like UFC. Understanding fighter styles, training camps, and weight class trends can guide users towards successful wagers.

What is a sports betting exchange?

Typically, a betting exchange acts as a supplementary feature on a platform, allowing users to forecast sports events and wager on particular matches.

What sets an online exchange apart from a conventional bookmaker is the direct interaction between players.

On this platform, users have the flexibility to both place and accept bets during the game.

Engaging with the online exchange provides an opportunity to lock in outcomes, thereby minimizing potential losses.

How a betting exchange works at Sky247

Before diving into an online exchange, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the platform's rules. While FAQs may provide some insight into how the exchange works, for a full understanding we recommended that you log in to our SKY247 exchange using your credentials and navigate to the "Terms of Use" for a comprehensive understanding.

Should any confusion arise, our customer support team is readily available for assistance.

Betting exchanges can be intricate, especially for first-timers. With a solid grasp, you can leverage unique betting prospects and capitalize on favorable odds. This might involve locking in a game's outcome before its conclusion.

Essentially, the exchange is a hub that brings members together, presenting offering extended odds and diverse wagering options. B

Bettors exclusively deal with other users, deciding on rates, odds, and other parameters, fostering a personalized betting environment.

Consider you're proficient in football and keenly track a team. Based on your analysis before a match, you predict a win for them, leading to a rise in their standings.

On the SKY247 exchange, you can propose a bet, potentially superseding existing ones. Meanwhile, some users might dispute your forecast, attempting to bet against it with higher stakes.

This dynamic allows a user to play dual roles: both as a punter and as a bookie.

What is a betting exchange for

Bettors primarily turn to exchanges for lay and back bet. With a lay bet, you're betting against a particular outcome. Suppose you're knowledgeable about cricket and predict the "Windies" to triumph over Pakistan.

Like traditional bookmaking, a correct prediction yields a win. On our platform, access is through your SKY247 exchange login.

Navigate to the relevant section, choose a match, and the system presents betting choices. If you bet on the "Windies" victory at odds of 1.47 with 50 rupees, after confirmation, the system stabilizes the wager.

Should your chosen team emerge victorious, you earn 10.20 rupees from the opposing bettor, and the initial 50 rupees are returned. However, a loss or a draw results in the forfeiture of your 50 rupees. Adjusting the odds for higher risk is possible using platform tools.

Note, larger stakes and elevated odds might extend the waiting time for another bettor to match your conditions.

Automation streamlines the process, accessible from multiple devices. While a specific SKY247 app is absent, a platform website optimized for mobile devices is sufficient.

Unmatched wagers, like a 50 INR bet without an opposing player, are refunded.

With the "back" option, you're essentially betting against a particular team's win, and the mechanism parallels the previously detailed process.

Main rules of the exchange at sky247

The SKY247 betting exchange differs from traditional betting platforms by allowing users to bet against each other instead of the house.

To work effectively with the platform, you need to know the basic rules of SKY247 betting exchange.

Allowable betting time limits

Online exchanges typically stop accepting wagers after an event concludes or after a specified post-event duration.

This duration can vary based on the sport, especially in sports without fixed end times, such as cricket. The exchange will set a specific cutoff time depending on the game's nature.

Betting market and its management

Checking the "Terms of Use" for an exchange will provide insights into its settlement procedures.

In the absence of specific rules, the system will finalize the market using the official results from the relevant governing body.

Additionally, information from third-party sources might be considered within a 48-hour window.

Possibility to cancel a bet

If a match isn't concluded within three days from its planned end date, the exchange may nullify all associated wagers.

For tournaments or competitions, the authoritative body's decision within 90 days post-event will be conclusive.

Changing the location of the match

For team sports, if there's a change in the predetermined match location aftermarket setup, the exchange might invalidate all bets.

This is common if the new venue favors the original away team.

Such a provision doesn't apply to solo sports.


What's the lowest wager limit at SKY247 betting agency?

The least amount you can wager is 100 Indian rupees.

What kind of bets can I place on SKY247?

SKY247 offers a wide range of betting options including sports betting, live events Asian Games, RNG Keno, Saba PinGoal, Virtual Sports and more.

What are the betting time limits?

The time frame can vary for specific sports. Some games, like cricket, lack a clear time limit. Consequently, the exchange tries to determine the actual cut-off, considering factors like the game type.

What is a betting exchange?

Typically, a betting exchange is a section on a platform where you predict sports outcomes and bet on specific matches.