Protecting Your Personal Information: Our Commitment at Sky247

At Sky247, we deeply value the trust you place in us, and your privacy stands as a cornerstone of that trust. As stewards of your personal data, we strive to be transparent, diligent, and open about our data collection practices and how we handle your information. It's our belief that you should always be informed and empowered when it comes to your personal details.

Understanding How Sky247 Utilizes Your Data

When you interact with our website, we collect specific personal information to enhance your user experience and to ensure our services align with your preferences. But it's essential for you to know why we gather this data and the purposes behind such actions.

Navigating the Choices and Rights at Your Disposal

Your e-safety rights are very important. Whenever there are options related to your data, we pledge to lay them out explicitly, ensuring you're never in the dark.

Disagreement with Our Privacy Terms

If, for any reason, you find yourself in disagreement with any provisions in this Privacy Policy, we urge you to halt your progress on our website. Registering an account, initiating bets, or conducting fund transfers are considered acknowledgments of your consent to our Terms and Conditions, as well as this Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, if you choose to discontinue using our website, some of your data might still be retained due to legal obligations.

Staying Updated: Periodic Amendments to Our Policy

We might revise this Privacy Policy from time to time to better serve your needs. Whenever there are changes, we'll ensure you're the first to know by updating the terms on our platforms.

To stay informed, we recommend checking this Privacy Policy occasionally.

Understanding Who Manages Your Data at Sky247

Whenever we reference "Sky247", "we", "our", or "us" within this Privacy Policy, it's essential to understand that this pertains to Sky Infotech N.V. This entity, registered under company number 152377 in Curacao and located at Abraham de Veerstraat 9, Curacao, functions as the primary "data controller." In essence, Sky Infotech N.V. determines the modalities of your Personal Data's collection and its intended use, conforming to the European data protection norms.

Our Dedicated Data Protection Officer

Should you ever feel uncertain or wish to gather more insights about how your personal data is treated within Sky247, you have the option to reach out to our Data Protection Officer. This individual can be contacted directly via email at

Learning the information we collect about you

Your engagement with our platform, especially when setting up an account, placing bets, or utilizing various services, requires you to share certain personal information. Gathering this information is crucial for us to offer you a seamless experience and grant access to specific features of our website. We collect this data when you:

  1. Initiate your Sky247 account registration.
  2. Offer details willingly during website interactions.
  3. Share details in public sections of our website.
  4. Reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

The specifics of the data we collect encompass:

  • Your chosen username.
  • Your full name (both first and surname).
  • Date of birth details.
  • Your email contact.
  • Residential details.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Address for billing purposes.
  • Documents verifying your identity.
  • Proof of residency documentation.
  • A record of your transactions.
  • Your preferred way of using our website.
  • Any additional data shared while interacting on our platforms.
  • Information related to credit/debit cards or alternate payment methods.

This data collection aids in ensuring accurate billing and safeguards minors. For your convenience, any modifications or updates to your information can be managed by liaising with our Customer Support.

Rest assured, the data you provide is strictly for our internal processes. We maintain strict confidentiality and refrain from sharing with third parties, barring the exceptions outlined below.

Compliance with telephone communication standards and use of digital technologies at Sky247

Any telephone interactions you have with our Customer Contact Centre are duly recorded.

This practice is instilled for three primary reasons: to ensure continual training, to bolster security measures, and to adeptly address any concerns arising from the services you are provided.

Special features of our offerings

Should you decide to engage with the social functionalities embedded within our products, such as chat rooms, be informed that Sky247 may capture, store, or process this related data.

Gathering Non-Personal User Insights

At Sky247, our aspiration is to continually refine the user experience. To achieve this, we capture information on how you navigate our website without tying this to your personal identity.

This includes data like the IP address you access from, dates and times of access, pages explored, chosen language, any software malfunction reports, and the browser variant you employ. Harnessing this data is pivotal for upholding the quality of services we offer.

Our Stance on Cookies

To streamline our website's performance and enrich your browsing experience, Sky247 deploys cookies. For an in-depth understanding, we invite you to peruse our dedicated Cookie Policy.

What we use your personal information for and how we obtain it

Your data is utilized in diverse ways, generally segmented into:

  • Facilitating the products or services you solicit.
  • Adhering to legal and regulatory directives.
  • Monitoring the efficacy of our website.
  • Disseminating marketing communications.
  • The control you possess over your data varies based on its intended usage. This segment offers clarity about these classifications, the prerogatives they confer upon you, and the means to exercise them. These rights are accentuated post each category's explanation.

Delivering Our Offerings

Your information forms the backbone for several core functionalities: establishing your presence on our platform, engaging in online sportsbook and casino endeavors, and availing customer support.

To seamlessly present our offerings, we occasionally collaborate with external bodies, sharing your information in the process. You'll find intricate details in the upcoming 'Sharing Information' section.

At its core, this category encapsulates activities quintessential for us to fulfill the commitments we make when you opt for our services. If this application doesn't resonate with you, the alternative is to refrain from using our offerings and to deactivate your account.

A critical facet of Sky247's operations is ensuring user integrity. Hence, we meticulously scrutinize identification and address proofs to shield our clientele from deceptive practices and to champion responsible gaming.

On certain occasions, we might initiate security assessments to cross-check the registration specifics you've shared, examine your service interactions, and financial undertakings for potential deviations from our Terms and Conditions or prevailing laws.

These examinations could encompass procuring a credit assessment or juxtaposing your data against third-party repositories.

These measures are non-negotiable, grounded in our commitment to offer services ethically, in compliance with regulatory demands. If you're averse to this level of scrutiny, the advisable recourse is to desist from using our services and deactivate your account.

Enhancing Web Experience & Safeguarding Your Privacy

We employ tools like cookies and traffic analytics to refine our website's functionality and the suite of services we offer. Such practices are driven by a genuine business interest, keeping your privacy at the forefront.

Should you feel that your privacy rights supersede our business motives, you reserve the 'right to object'. Nonetheless, if your objections surpass simple cookie management, you might need to consider terminating your account with us.

Customized marketing offers

Upon acquiring your approval, we might extend special offers and promotions through mediums like email, SMS, or online platforms. Assuredly, we do not lease, sell, or trade your data to external parties for independent marketing pursuits.

You are entitled to rescind your consent or modify your promotional preferences anytime.

Correcting inaccuracies in relation to your entitlements

If you discern that the personal data we've cataloged about you harbors inaccuracies, you possess the right to have these errors amended. For modifications that transcend the capabilities of 'My Account', reach out to us at

Accessing Your Data

If you wish to retrieve a copy of your personal data archived with us, initiate your request either through live chat or by contacting

To facilitate this process, we'll provide a form (though it's not obligatory). Upon validating your identity, our response will be dispatched within a month. Complex requests might demand a longer timeframe and possibly an administrative fee.

Right to Erasure

In specific scenarios, you can appeal for your personal data's deletion unless there's a significant rationale for its retention. This isn't an absolute right and is contingent upon certain exceptions.

For instance, the right is negated if the data is requisite for legal claims, public interest tasks, or compliance with legal obligations, among others.

Disclosure of Personal Information

On occasion, we might share your personal details with external entities:

  • In alignment with legal or regulatory stipulations.
  • To uphold the terms of our service agreements.
  • To augment our service offerings, this includes sharing data with third-party software providers.
  • In cases where users are suspected of deceitful practices such as fraud.
  • For anonymized addiction prevention research.
  • In scenarios where such sharing is pivotal for safeguarding our rights, customer welfare, or property.
  • Explicitly with your consent.

Your personal data could be cataloged or processed in any nation where our associates, vendors, or intermediaries have operations. Engaging with our services signifies your approval of potential cross-border data transfers.

To ensure data transferred outside the EEA or adequate jurisdictions retains its security, we adopt measures like:

  1. Binding corporate directives.
  2. Standard contractual clauses.
  3. Adherence to frameworks like the US/EU privacy shield.

Security Measures

Recognizing the paramount importance of your data's security, we employ advanced techniques and technologies. Personal Information you share is stored in an encrypted, password-protected database, nestled securely within our network shielded by top-tier firewall software.

For added assurance, our platform also supports SSL Version 3 with 128-bit encryption. We extend these rigorous security measures to our partners, ensuring our affiliates, agents, subsidiaries, and suppliers uphold similar standards.

Data Retention

Sky247 keeps your personal information only for the duration necessary, governed by either legal imperatives or our operational needs.

The factors influencing our retention policy include legal requirements, contractual duties, and our customers' expectations. Once your data has outlived its utility, it's expunged securely and responsibly.

Third-party Engagement

Our influence doesn't extend to independent third-party websites linking to or from our services. Hence, we cannot guarantee the security of data you might share on these platforms.

Similarly, these third-party sites' operations are independent, and their privacy practices fall under their unique privacy policies.

Our website features links to other sites. Venturing out via these links, remember that these sites have their privacy protocols, distinct from ours. We are not responsible for how these external sites function or any issues therein.

Web Traffic and User Behavior Analysis

We employ services like Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc., to monitor web traffic and understand user behavior better. Google uses the data gathered to generate reports on Sky247's activity, share insights, and even refine its advertising network. The primary data collected for this includes Cookies and Usage Data.

Terms of Service

It's crucial to understand that our Services are offered "AS-IS". While we strive to protect your data, the dynamic nature of technology implies potential vulnerabilities. Consequently, we don't assume liability for any inadvertent privacy breaches or consequential damages tied to your data's usage or disclosure.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy might evolve over time. We urge you to revisit it periodically. Any significant amendments will be communicated to you well in advance, either through emails, notices on the website, or other agreed-upon channels.

You'll be provided ample time to grasp and process these changes before they take effect. Without your explicit consent, these changes won't be enforced. Should you not accept the revisions within the given timeframe, it could impact our ability to provide certain services or products to you.